Maui Token Level 1

kr 0.00/per Token (VAT included)

Donate to Maui Wildfires Relief: All funds will go toward animal search and rescue groups, saving pets, livestock, and wildlife.



The Maui Wildfires

Catastrophic wildfires scorching Maui tragic death toll of animal casualties. Maui Humane Society and Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association are searching for animal survivors to give them a fighting chance for survival. Cow Shades Tokens and the blockchain network will swiftly and transparently provide urgent and critical supplies: pet food, supplies, and medical equipment to support rescue efforts in Maui. 

Transparent Donation

Tokens, Smart Contracts, and Distributed Leder Technology are powerful fundraising mechanisms, as all donations are recorded on an immutable ledger for transparency and accountability.   Donors can track every step of the donation process, from the point of contribution to its utilization by aid. 

Funds will go to:

  • Purchase/replace rescue gear.
  • Upgrade communication equipment.
  • Replenish medical supplies.
  • Emergency vehicles.
  • Rental and new equipment
  • generators, propane, solar,
  • First aid kits
  • Hygiene kits
  • Clothing
  • Blankets, coats and towels
  • flashlights, solar lighting